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Take an Icy Escape with These 5 Guided Tours

Traveling to the southern and northernmost points on the planet isn’t required for your icy escape this winter. If you’re a snowbird and icicles, s’mores and snowstorms melt your heart, flock to these postcard perfect guided tours across the U.S. and Canada. Skip the cozy winter nap because whether you’re skiing, snowboarding or walking in a winter wonderland, you’ll be surrounded by views as cool as the snow.

  1. Canada Winter Festivals

    Canada Winter Festivals is one itinerary with Intrepid Travel filled with five festivals that are calling your name. The LGBTQ+ community knows how to be festive, but in the winter their celebration skills rise even higher than the Rockies. Typically the itinerary will consist of Whistler Pride and Ski, January in Jasper; Lake Louise Ice Magic and SnowDays in Banff and the Canmore Winter Carnival. Share some s’mores and savor some maple syrup, but that’s after a walk through a behind-the-scenes tour to the Canmore Hockey Club and exploring frozen waterfalls and ice caves.

  2. Lake Tahoe and Yosemite Winter Adventure

    As soon as you land, you might be welcomed by San Francisco sunshine, but when you hit the slopes and are above frosty clouds, the golden rays are as far away as the Golden Gate Bridge. Cold months in California are majestic and Intrepid Travel has an amazing Lake Tahoe and Yosemite Winter Adventure tour. You’ll be able to keep warm as you hike in Yosemite, one of America’s most popular national parks, where exhilarating vistas and villas dazzle. If Lake Tahoe is on your mind and you prefer a quicker method like riding a gondola through the river or skiing or snowboarding downhill, by all means shred the gnar.

  3. Trekking the Appalachian Trail

    After spending a little time in Boston’s metropolis, head for the hills and deep forests that often get overlooked by tourists. Glistening trails up to mountains and lakes will help you find your balance and test your strength when you’re Trekking the Appalachian Trail, one of Intrepid Travel’s newest tours. It’ll lead trekkers to warmth in backcountry lodges after brisk walks and hikes through winter’s wilderness where moose and deer gather and granite rocks atop the summit of Mount Katahdin, marking the completion of the Appalachian Trail.

  4. U.S. and Canada Discovery Winter

    A long, winter nap will be far from your mind as you’re traveling from the Windy City, small snow globe-like towns in Ohio, breathing in the fresh air around Niagara Falls and seeing New York City’s snowcapped and sparkling skyline. But that’s not all since there are cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Boston and Amish country to see, all thanks to Intrepid Travel. Their U.S. and Canada Discovery Winter tour will show you certain highlights that cannot be seen during warm, busy and touristy months. Whether you travel by foot along the Freedom Trail in Boston, catch a hockey game or winter festival in Canada or meander through mountains, a winter wonderland is waiting to be discovered.

  5. Winter in Yellowstone

    Discover the Western charm from America’s cowboy town that’s most impressive during the snowy season when you’re crossing another national park off of your bucket list. Winter in Yellowstone with Collette will amaze you from its must-see Caribou Targhee National Forest and Lamar Valley to the history of the renowned Old Faithful geyser. First, you’ll arrive by snow coach and then local experts will take over and lead the way through the blustery, snow-covered landscapes and the elk will astonish you while they’re tucked away, glistening in tranquility while in their natural habitat.

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