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The Best Client Communication Tips on VAX

Communication is the key to building strong relationships. Whether it’s personally or professionally, the ability to communicate effectively with the people in your life will help you succeed. Working with clients in the travel industry is no different, luckily there are more ways than ever to get in touch with travelers and create a connection. Here are a few of our favorite ways to communicate with travelers.


Agents are always looking for the best way to stay in touch with their clients while in-destination and technology is here to help. Mobile apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Skype are a quick and easy way to connect. These apps are also great because there’s a good chance travelers will already have one of the above options installed on their device as they’re super fun. Who can resist those face filters on Messenger?

No Wi-Fi? No problem. Some agents are helping their clients stay plugged in by providing them with portable Wi-Fi hotspots so that email and video chats are only a click away. Feeling more traditional? Travelers looking to make calls while abroad can always pick up a foreign SIM card or ask their mobile carrier for international roaming.

At Home

House calls are trending. That’s right, if travelers can’t come to you, do the next best thing and bring the world of travel to their front door. CEO and Founder of Travel Vibe LLC Jordan Brown found that between work, family and life’s general hustle-and-bustle, his clients were too overwhelmed to visit his office. So Brown embarked on a house-call business and hasn’t looked back since.

Thanks to his dedication to professionalism and immense travel knowledge, Brown has seen total success and believes house calls are completely worth the effort.

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Emotions play a huge role in forming relationships, including the relationships your forge with your clients. When we take the time to understand the feelings and emotions of others and ourselves we can reduce stress, lessen conflict, improve relationships and be more productive.

A great way to improve your relationships with existing or new clients is by saying “thank you.” Thank you cards work. Do you remember the last time you got a card from a family member or a friend? Did it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Or at the very least, it probably made you smile. Clients are no different, so don’t be afraid to grab a pen and paper once in a while to check in and thank travelers for being a vital part of your business.

What are your favorite ways to communicate with clients? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to know more.

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