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The Big 3 – Tips for Business Wellness

Without question, wellness is a key focus for many small business owners today. In a recent study by The Global Wellness Institute, they uncovered significant, diverse and positive implications when a company is perceived to “care” about an employee’s personal wellness, and extremely negative outcomes when it was perceived as a “non-caring” company.  They found that caring companies tackle not just tangibles like healthy food and workspaces, they address emotional, relational, organizational, intellectual and financial wellness at work (whether it’s giving workers more work flexibility or encouraging socializing and friendships).

So when you think about your company’s or business wellness, why not consider the things that you can do to overhaul your BUSINESS wellness as well. In our mind, it takes just three easy steps to enhance the health and wellness of your business.

Step 1: Commit to a business plan

A good business plan guides you through the important stages of both creating and also managing your business. Your business plan will be your vision for the future, and the map for success. Most small business owners do not have a business plan, or at least haven’t committed to putting it to paper, but it’s an important piece of your business’ health and wellness.

Here’s a guide to help you get started.

Step to: Create a marketing and engagement plan

Creating a marketing plan is almost as important as the business plan, and a logical step two towards increasing your business’ wellness. Marketing plans position your brand as an expert in your market, but also help you shape what you say, as well as how and where you say it. 

Step 3: Realize you can’t do it all yourself

The simple realization that it’s very difficult to do it all yourself is a difficult pill to swallow for some. Share the load with your employees, vendors and partners – and don't micromanage them in the process. Delegate to elevate. recently said, “You can’t possibly be an expert on all things. So, build a team of people who complement your own skill set. That’s how you build a company of giants. Surround yourself with those who share the passion and vision of where you want to go, and who want to help you get there.”

About the Author

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With more than 18 years of business experience in brand marketing, media and sales development, Luke has tackled issues across multiple categories of business including travel, automotive, technology, luxury retail, media, e-Commerce and manufacturing. His breadth of experience across consumer direct, wholesale and e-Commerce distribution channels makes him an effective omni-channel thinker.  Luke currently serves as Managing Director of VAX VacationAccess.

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