The Compass Magazine. Everything You Need to Know

What is The Compass Magazine? 

The Compass Magazine is the practical business resource that serves, guides and grows the businesses of travel professionals who are shaping the industry. The magazine is distributed to top performing travel agents quarterly. 


Who receives The Compass Magazine? 

The Compass Magazine is a controlled circulation publication that’s sent to the top 5% performing travel agents (determined by annual booked revenue) booking on the VAX VacationAccess platform


How do I know if I qualify? 

We periodically reach out to qualified agents to ensure we have updated mailing information. If you have not been contacted by us and have not received a magazine and feel that this is in error, please reach out to us.


How much money do I have to book to qualify? 

Because our circulation is based on a top percentile of agents on our platform, and with the seasonality of bookings in the travel industry, this number is subject to change often. In general, agents must be active full-time professionals leveraging the VAX VacationAccess platform frequently to book travel. 


How many agents are on the VAX VacationAccess marketplace? 

More than 120,000 agents leverage the platform to learn, earn and grow their businesses. Click here to register for VAX VacationAccess. To see the benefits of joining the marketplace, click here.


How can I read The Compass if I don’t qualify?

The Compass is available for free online, where agents can access the latest industry announcements, destination inspiration and agent business development resources. In addition, we encourage agents to visit the VAX VacationAccess booth at trade shows throughout the year to get a free copy of the magazine