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The Hawaii Packing Guide for Every Type of Traveler

A destination with something for everyone, Hawaii is a dream vacation fit for any type of traveler. However, different types of travel can call for slightly different packing lists. Here are a few Hawaii packing-essentials you won’t want to miss based on your style of adventure.

Beach bums

  • Sunscreen – Be sure to pack or purchase a bottle of reef-safe sunscreen before enjoying Hawaii’s beautiful beaches. A reef-safe sunscreen will not contain petrolatum (aka mineral oil), oxybenzone or octinoxate and will be low in titanium dioxide. While there are plenty of made-in-Hawaii brands available for purchase, you can also find reef-safe products such as Banana Boat Simply Protect here in mainland U.S.
  • Sunglasses, a swimsuit cover-up and a hat – Protect your eyes from the sun’s rays with a pair of stylish sunnies and a hat. And don’t forget your swimsuit cover-up as the islands can get breezy and you might want an extra layer while laying out or walking around the beach.
  • A variety of swimsuits – Duh, I know you’re going to pack a swimsuit, but it’s never a bad idea to pack two, one in your check-in and one in your carry-on luggage just in case your belongings get lost in transit. Plus, with two suits you won’t have to squeeze into a cold and damp bikini between swim sessions.

Adventure travelers

  • Appropriate clothing – First things first, don’t be caught hiking cliffside in flip-flops. Appropriate footwear and clothing are packing musts for adventure travelers. Do a little research before embarking on your travels and be sure to dress in layers to ensure ultimate comfort while exploring.
  • Refillable water bottle – Stay hydrated on your quest with a refillable water bottle, an adventure travel must, no explanation needed. You can bring it through airport security if it’s empty, then fill it with water to drink on your flight. No need to buy bottled water at the airport or drink out of a tiny plastic cup on the airplane.
  • Waterproof camera case and flotation strap – If any of your plans take you to the North Pacific Ocean, be sure to pack a waterproof camera case and flotation strap to prevent your belongings from falling overboard.


  • Sand-resistant beach blanket – Relax with the whole family with a sand-resistant beach blanket. Whether you dream of a family picnic on the beach or want to unwind with a good book while the kiddos go for a swim, a sand-resistant blanket will keep everyone comfortable and clean.
  • Oversized tote bag – Because where else will you stash away all of the essentials like snacks, sunscreen and a mini first aid kit?
  • Laundry bags – Keeping everyone’s dirty clothes organized can be a struggle. Make sorting and separating sweaty vacation clothes a breeze with individual laundry bags in each family member’s luggage.

Solo wanderers

  • Map – Digital or physical, a map will minimize any confusion of navigating the islands on your own.
  • Entertainment – While you’re sure to have plenty to see and do, it’s never a bad idea to pack a little entertainment for any extra downtime you encounter during your travels. Relax by the pool with a good book or take a hike with your favorite podcasters and music in tow.
  • A daypack – Be prepared for anything with a daypack stuffed with all the essentials from phone chargers and battery packs to snacks and windbreakers. A day pack is the perfect place to stash away whatever you might need for the day’s journey.


  • Nice outfits – You just got married, congrats! There’s no doubt that you’ll want to celebrate in style so don’t forget to pack some nice outfits for any formal dinners or activities you might attend while in-destination.
  • Selfie Stick – Capturing honeymoon memories has never been easier than with a Selfie Stick. Sure, you might look like a dork, but who else is going to take all of those adorable photos of you and your sweetie?
  • Travel candle and silk rose petals – You don’t need to book a honeymoon suite to amp up the romance. A quick internet search will turn up results for silk rose petals and travel-safe candles to help transform your room into a sweet escape.

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