Travel insights from Diane Petras, CTIE, president of The Travel Institute

The Personality of a Travel Pro: Is it Yours?

  • You’re Social: You love people and know how to engage! You communicate and interact well with others, love sharing ideas and experiences, remember names and birthdays—or take great notes and have a desire to help those who need it. People count on you and trust you.
  • You Listen: You are an active listener and give full attention to your clients. You listen to understand. You ask questions or paraphrase to clarify what is being shared.
  • You Love Learning: You crave new experiences and knowledge and are proactive when it comes to seeking the information and skills you need to advance your career.
  • You’re Passionate: You look forward to each day and see opportunity where others see challenges. You are flexible and adaptable. You react well to change. You have a positive can-do attitude about getting things done.
  • You Love the Sales Process: You come alive during the consultative process where you are the expert. That is your core value. You are genuine and never afraid to discuss upgrades or higher-priced products when you feel they are right for your client. You communicate in a clear, confident and knowledgeable way. Your clients are informed, they appreciate your knowledge and refer others.
  • You’re Organized: You love the details. You remain reliable and thoughtful as you manage hundreds of trip details in a typical workday from booking to troubleshooting, all while preparing complex travel itineraries.

Hopefully these traits resonate well with you. Perhaps you need to strengthen a few to guarantee success, but now you know what it takes!

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