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The Sweetest Bucket List Around the World

Hors d’oeuvres are quintessential, the main course is always a must but the sweet treats are what keep foodies coming back. When you’re traveling to Europe, trying every gelato flavor and stopping in every churro shop is fun. But bringing new flavors and dessert food to the table is even better. Here are six tasty treats to try on your next foodie adventure around the world.

1. Sticky Rice with Mango in Thailand

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Golden Triangle. Juli 2019 _________ Ada yg tahu apa itu #GoldenTriangle dalam #foodphotography? #TipsFotoTehRika #ilmuFotografi #InfoFotografi Golden Triangle adalah salah satu Pendekatan dalam komposisi pada food fotografi. Pada pendekatan ini, komposisi golden triangle memusatkan perhatian mata di dalam bingkai. Mata bergerak dari satu titik ke titik lainnya dalam satu lingkaran berkelanjutan. Untuk menggunakan golden triangle dalam fotografi, kita bisa membuat garis diagonal imajiner pada frame foto. Lalu gambar garis imajiner dari dua sudut lainnya, yang masing-masing memenuhi garis panjang di sudut kanan. Titik tarik garis adalah tempat garis bertemu. Gunakan untuk menempatkan titik fokus (point of interest, dan gunakan garis-garis untuk membagi frame dan menarik mata ke titik fokus untuk membantu membuat gambar yang dinamis. . . Mengapa komposisi ini sangat efektif? Karena garis horizontal dan vertikal menunjukkan stabilitas. Ini bagus untuk beberapa komposisi. Namun bagi yang lain, menambahkan sense of flow dan gerakan memiliki dampak yang lebih besar. Golden triangle adalah pendekatan yang berguna karena seperti aturan #RuleOfThird , mudah divisualisasikan, tetapi lebih dinamis. Cara lain untuk menggunakan konsep ini adalah menyiratkan segitiga dalam komposisi Anda. Pada gambar di bawah, saya menempatkan ketan mangga dalam piring, ketan dibelakang dan wadah fla yg sama2 memiliki warna putih dalam pola segitiga. Ini memberikan rasa gerakan dan pola itu. Saat mengulangi (melakukan repetasi warna) beberapa elemen kemudian, mengelompokkannya dalam segitiga akan mengarahkan mata melalui gambar dengan cara alami. Meskipun piring berada di tengah bingkai, gambar masih menjadi pusat perhatian karena penggunaan segitiga. Ini juga membantu kita untuk tahu bahwa segitiga terdiri dari tiga objek. Angka ganjil memberikan rasa harmoni dan keseimbangan. . . Foto dengan diagonal ada di story ya gaesss 😘💕💕 _________ #ukgtrianglekediri #uploadkompakan @uploadkompakan #kompakersdepok

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In Thailand, saving dessert until the end of a meal is a pie-in-the-sky idea. Traditionally, sweets here are often made into soups and puddings that balance sweet and salty so well. These might be an afternoon snack with coffee or tea, or saved for special occasions instead. One of the easiest and most well-known Thai desserts is mango sticky rice. The rice is made with coconut milk, water and palm sugar that allow it to remain soft and chewy at the same time. Sweet mangoes garnish the rice with a light coconut milk sauce and a hint of maple brown sugar.

2. Stroopwafel in The Netherlands

Everyone has had Dutch apple pie, but not everyone has tried a stroopwafel. These are both signature desserts you must try if you’re visiting The Netherlands, but a stroopwafel really takes the cake. Stroopwafel is Dutch for “syrup waffle” and traditionally features two thin and crispy waffle-like wafers filled with caramel to hold it together. It’s like the ultimate cookie sandwich. Nowadays, you can find fresh and warm stroopwafels filled and topped with colorful candy from street vendors in The Netherlands.

3. Tres Leches Cake in Mexico and Central America

If you’re traveling to Mexico or Central America, a fluffy sponge cake covered with a cloud of vanilla cream will cater to any questions or concerns. A simple slice of this airy cake lets you try milk in three ways, hence why it’s called the “three milks” cake. Usually this milky masterpiece combines sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and a heavy cream. The tres leches flavor is infused in sweets and drinks all around the world, even though its origin isn’t confirmed as to whether it’s from Mexico or Central America.

4. Pavlova in Australia and New Zealand

Whether you’re in Australia or New Zealand, chances are you’ll discover Pavlova, a world-class dessert which is named after an inspirational Russian ballerina, Anne Pavlova. Some say this cake represents the ballerina’s character: strong on the outside and soft and gentle on the inside. This delicate and messy meringue-based cake captures every foodie’s attention, since it’s crunchy, creamy and fruity all at the same time. Typically Pavlova is piled high with tangy fruits like berries and airy meringue and whipped cream waiting to melt in your mouth.

5. Banoffee Pie in England

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How amazing does this raw bannoffee pie look by @erinireland?!🙊🍌 I love seeing when people recreate recipes from the blog, especially when they look this tasty😍💜 Currently sitting on the train on the way to London for the @ethosfoods and @quakeroatsuk breakfast event and I'm absolutely starving so hopefully there's lots of good food😏👏🏼 #health #healthy #healthyfood #healthyeats #healthyeating #healthydesserts #healthyfoodie #eathealthy #eatclean #cleaneating #foodblogger #fitness #healthyrecipes #bannoffee #bannoffeepie #rawfood #rawvegan #rawdesserts #rawcakes #healthycakes #healthytreats #healthylife #foodblogger #fitnessfood #fitfam #fitfoodie #fitnessgirl #fitness #feedfeed @thefeedfeed

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If you’re visiting England, don’t forget to try a piece of banoffee pie. This famous English dessert is made up of endless layers of goodness and named after a combination of its ingredients. The thick graham cracker crust holds everything together. From the chewy toffee and freshly sliced bananas to the mountain of whipped cream and chocolate shavings, this is the pie you’ll want to try over and over again.

6. Affogato in Italy

In Italy, the mid-afternoon pick-me-up or after-meal beverage is quite interesting since it very well could be the dessert-beverage hybrid of your dreams. The affogato is a combination of two Italian essentials: espresso and gelato. The name itself literally translates to “drowned” in Italian, which refers to the velvety vanilla or fior di latte gelato drowned by the sizzling double shot of espresso. Typically this Italian favorite is served in a chilled glass or tiny bowl.

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