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The Tap Out

Kids are often our greatest teachers when it comes to life and wellness. As I was observing my 12-year-old son Michael at his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class last week, I was watching as he was going against a higher belt, when I noticed the "tap out". When you're training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, one of the most important things you can do is tap out. I asked him after class about the reason why you tap out and he said, “It’s how you get better. You’re recognizing the other person has the advantage and got the better of you in that moment.” When he said, “It’s how you learn, how you get better,” it really stuck with me and got me thinking about the wellness journey.

What I also noticed is immediately after tapping out, they get right back on the mat and start again...

It's a fundamental part of the learning experience. In class, working with your clients and in life, you'll tap out over and over again as you figure out what not to do. Tapping out isn't seen as quitting and it's not a sign of admitting defeat. It's a way of saying, "Yeah, you got me. This isn’t working. Let's go again and see what happens."

How often are you tapping out in your wellness journey and then not getting back on the “mat”? Maybe it’s time to find a new journey or find a new why by creating daily rituals or doing something different to get inspired again.

As you think about your tap outs don’t let them get you off track. Learn from the mistakes, embrace the challenges and stay focused on the meaning behind your why: Why am I doing this? What does this really mean? How will the results impact my life?

Finding that deeper meaning for something is the foundation for the spark of your growth. When you find the deeper meaning, then you’re willing to take chances; you’re willing to suffer and get uncomfortable. You’re willing to be tapped out but not quit! When we're willing to grind and keep going for our “why” and persevere through countless tap outs then mental toughness is developed.

Mental toughness arrives in our life due to this formula:

  • Meaning and purpose: The “why,” something you deeply desire.
  • Self-Control and discipline: All of the things needing to be done to achieve your goals, your daily habits or rituals.
  • Perseverance: The ability to keep repeating that self-control and discipline no matter what obstacles.

Thanks Michael for being my teacher…again.

About the Author

David Pritchard, health and performance coach, comes from 20+ years of health and wellness experiences. With multiple degrees in Exercise Science and Nutrition and several National recognized certifications, he has had the privilege to work with Fortune 500 companies, executives, and professional and Olympic athletes. David has been a part of the Travel Industry for the last 15 years teaching travel agents, industry leaders, companies and hosting wellness retreats all over the world. While working with individuals and groups, he focuses on all facets of exercise, nutrition and motivational programs by helping create Health & Fitness Powered lifestyles. David has a passion for travel and also a passion to help people live their best life!

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