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Things to do in Puerto Plata, a Good Dominican Vacation Spot

The Dominican Republic is a beautiful place in the Caribbean Sea. It’s home to spectacular landscapes and wonderful vacation destinations. The most famous resort city is Punta Cana, but others have just as much to offer. One of them is Puerto Plata. But, is Puerto Plata a good vacation spot? And what are the things to do in Puerto Plata?

A major port destination in the north of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata looks out toward the Atlantic Ocean. Surrounded by mountains, the city offers spectacular views. This impressive setting uniquely complements the city’s rich culture and history. Puerto Plata is home to one of the oldest fortresses on the continent, as well as numerous museums and other cultural sites. This mix of history and culture makes Puerto Plata stand out from other vacation cities.

Things to do in Puerto Plata

If you want to discover the history and culture of Puerto Plata, take a guided city tour. This impressive day out includes a visit to the island’s iconic rum distillery, its oldest fortress, and the Amber Museum. Also, it takes you to the main square in Puerto Plata’s downtown area and the central park.

There, you can buy souvenirs and local cuisine. The penultimate part of the tour takes you 2,600 feet up Pico Isabel de Torres Mountain to admire incredible views, a botanical garden, and the Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) statue. The final part takes you to the San Felipe Fortress, one of the oldest buildings on the continent, and a fabulous chocolate factory.

Full of history and culture, the city also offers natural wonders not available in other parts of the island. One of these is Cayo Arena, which is also known as Paradise Island.

This spot is actually a remote coral sandbar and an excellent place to snorkel and explore the crystalline waters that surround it. The tour includes a VIP catamaran ride, allowing you to see manatees, dolphins, and other animals that call this region home. It also takes you on a picturesque trip to the fishing village of Punta Rucia.

Get out there and explore Puerto Plata

Moreover, if you’d like to see dolphins right up close, go swim with dolphins in Puerto Plata. You can do this at Ocean World, which offers different dolphin activities, a water slide, dolphin shows, and a Pirates Pool.

For people looking to explore the country roads of Puerto Plata, the Terracross buggy tour is ideal. This adrenaline-filled tour takes you through lush jungle, mountains, and rivers on all-terrain vehicles.

Admire the incredible views as you shoot off the beaten track. Afterward, relax in a river and a natural pool before enjoying the delicious local cuisine.

Furthermore, you can discover the spectacular landscapes and incredible countryside of Puerto Plata with a visit to the Damajagua Falls. Hidden in the Northern Corridor Mountains, this nature tour consists of visiting 12 different waterfalls. When you take the tour, you need to prepare to get wet. The climb takes you a long rope and wooden ladders, along with slippery slopes, on the way to the different cascades. Additionally, on the way back down the mountains, enjoy the thrills of natural waterslides, as well as a mettle-testing 25-foot drop.

Is Puerto Plata a good vacation spot? Absolutely. 

In conclusion, Puerto Plata is definitely a top vacation spot. There are beautiful landscapes, breathtaking views, culture, history and lots of things to do in Puerto Plata. Combine it all with impressive hospitality infrastructure, excellent transportation from Puerto Plata Airport to your resort, and this port city ensures you’ll have what you need for an unforgettable visit.

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