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This Agent Launched an App. You Can, Too

Travel agents are experts at identifying problems and solving them. This knack for problem solving can easily go beyond the usual client-related issues and can expand into the greater world of technology, including apps. Carrie Anne Gillespie of Vision Travel in Saskatchewan encountered a problem she had during her own personal travels and decided to take a chance and solve it in a very modern way. Here’s Carrie’s story of bringing her idea for JetNote, a travel journal app, to fruition.

Where did the idea for your app come from?

Writing a travel journal while travelling was always a priority to me until we had kids. We love to travel with our three boys but there is no energy or time at the end of the day to write out all the memories. So I needed a quick way to capture the memories for me but also for the kids. They may not remember the trip when they’re older but they can look back and read about it in the journal.

Once you had your idea, what was your first step toward making it a reality?

The idea came to me during a middle of the night feeding of my (then) infant, so at 3:00 am, I Googled how to make an app and a company called BrainyApps popped up. I submitted my idea, received a phone call shortly after and then things started rolling. They really liked it and were able to lay out how everything works. They are still by my side every step of the way.

What are the capabilities of the app? What can it do for travelers?

The JetNote app has many features that will appeal to any type of traveler. Simply add your trip with dates, a picture and select your themes (like Family Time, Theme Park Thrills, Exploring our World and more).

Before departure, JetNote has a To Do and Packing List. These are great for writing down all the places on your bucket list or making a check list of things you need to get done before you leave – like renew your passport.

While on vacation you will receive a notification at the end of each of your days to answer your question of the day. You can answer one or ten – it’s up to you. With the premium version you can add photos, freeform journal entries and more.

The freeform journal is great for travel agents on a fam trip – we all know those hotels start to blur together after day one. The journal entries can be kept private or shared on social media like Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp. After your trip is complete you can go back and view the entire journal.

How has the development of the app affected your agency’s business? Do your clients use the app?

After our third son was born I became a home based agent so I get to choose when and how often I work. It is great to have the flexibility with the kids and now my app business. My clients have been really supportive and have given great feedback regarding the app. We take the feedback and often incorporate ideas into the app.

What advice can you give to other agents who have ideas like yours?

If you have an idea on how to solve a problem - go for it! Don’t let the lack of a degree stop you.

Any future plans for more apps?

We are still working to get this app to the place I have in mind. Our next big step is launching onto Android!

The JetNote App can be downloaded from the App Store. Follow us on Instagram @jetnoteapp and on Facebook at JetNote App.

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