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This Card Makes Travel to Aruba Easy

Flight times to Aruba can be long from many U.S. cities. Get your clients out of the airport and onto the one happy island of Aruba faster by having them fill out an online ED-card. It’s free, easy and can be done before they even leave for their vacay.

The Aruba Tourism Authority and the Aruban Immigration Authority manage Aruba’s Embarkation and Disembarkation (ED) program. This program allows tourists to fill out what’s called an ED-card (embarkation-disembarkation card) online before they travel to Aruba. All travelers are required to have this card upon their arrival, whether it’s the online or paper version.

The paper version of the card is still passed out on flights to Aruba to be filled out on the plane. But what if your client doesn’t have a pen in their carry-on? Or what if their seatmate is hogging the armrest, making it difficult to write? Being prepared with the online version prevents any of those struggles. Plus it’s processed quickly and reduces the amount of time travelers have to wait to get through immigration.

So the next time you book a client’s trip to Aruba, send your them a link to Aruba’s ED-card page so they are ready to breeze through the Queen Beatrix International Airport and be on their way to the beach.

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