Travel insights from Beth Kitzman, business development manager for VAX VacationAccess

Togetherness Amid #SocialDistancing

Can you remember a time when you were so vitally important in your community of travelers? I’m sure some events come to mind, but this COVID-19 is a big one, and will remain painfully fresh in many of our minds surely for a good long time.

We are here for you, and supporting you as creatively as we can. There are resources that just might be useful in your business as we journey through this unexpected path we are on.

What can you do to avoid or even eliminate a phone call with some of your reservations? What can you do if you’re on hold for a long time? Here are some ideas to help!

  • VAX DIY Resources – These resources will help you manage your bookings on your own on VAX
  • Canceling Reservations – If you need to cancel or modify a reservation, you can do that right on VAX and do not need to call the supplier!
    • Step-by-Step
      • Enter Cancelled due to possible travel restrictions due to COVID-19 in the Comments field
    • Video Instruction – Apple Leisure Group Vacations has a great video on this
  • Rebooking Later – A great way to keep those clients with you

Making the most of hold times:

  • The Compass has a huge array of articles to learn and stay up-to-date in the industry.
  • Endless content on VAX to explore: suppliers, destinations, cruises, oh my!
  • I’m seeing Netflix/Hulu /Amazon Prime is providing some good options:
    • Love is Blind – good and horrible distraction I’m told
    • Schitt’s Creek
    • Gossip Girl
    • Golden Girls
  • Puzzles, board games or cards
  • Schedule a digital hang with travel advisors in your circle for some much-needed social time #atadistance #TAHappyHourHang
  • Training time with your dog

How are you surviving, rising above or maybe even excelling? Share your ideas and inspirations for your fellow advisors in our comments section!

Most of all, remember this is temporary and remember we care!

About the Author

Beth Kitzman is the business development manager for Trisept Solutions' Agency Channel for VAX VacationAccess. Beth focuses on nurturing business relationships and finding exciting, unique ways for VAX to support travel agencies. With over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, beginning with Walt Disney World then working for airlines and now focusing on travel technology, Beth loves using her education degree to find ways to educate and empower travel agents to grow their leisure travel business.

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