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Travel Agent Real Talk: Why You Became an Agent, Part 3

The inspiring stories keep coming. Here’s our third installment of your journey to becoming a travel professional. Check out parts one and two while you’re here.

“For so long when I was younger I wanted to be able to travel the world and see the many wonderful pieces of lands that I've read so much about in school. Once I found out I could get paid to do the things that I've always loved to do, it was only smart to become a travel agent and also help my clients enjoy life at a better or discounted rate. I'm so happy I made a life changing decision for me and my beautiful daughter.”
Angelica S., Archer Travel Service – Alabama

“Being an Air Force brat, I have done a lot of traveling but I was very young. When introduced to the idea of becoming a travel agent now that I am an adult, the idea was intriguing. I am close to retiring and thinking of a way to vacation with travel knowledge and to help others travel to places on their bucket list. I will have the time and energy to experience and share a lot of the wonders of the world. It is a very exciting adventure to embark on and help others do the same.”
Patti H., Beaches and Land Travel – California

“For me, the best reason to become a travel agent was to combine your passion for travel with a passion for helping people. One of the greatest benefits of becoming a travel agent is that I don’t need a physical office, I can really do my job and grow my business from anywhere in the world with a laptop and Wi-Fi connection. There’s a flexibility set your own hours and I can be a mom with my school-aged children. I can be my own boss.

When you become a home based travel agent, you will own your own business and find yourself wearing many, many hats. But if you’ve ever found yourself saying, ‘I don’t want to work for someone else’ or something of that nature, then becoming a travel agent is a great path.”
Petra J., Travel by Petra – Oregon

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