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Travel Agents Are Planning for a Successful 2018 – Here’s What They Are Saying

Looking for some inspiration for the new year? See what your fellow VAX agents set for their 2018 business resolutions:

Double my bookings on VAX and get at least 1 corporate account.

Book more honeymoons and engage more with my clients.

Book more fabulous vacations with VAX!

Tap into the health and wellness sector and book at least 4 wellness retreats for my clients.

Learn more about group travel and make more bookings!

To get all of my friends and family to use travel agents!

Attend more tradeshows to network and expand my agency.

To gain more knowledge in the travel agency field.

To be active every day in travel, whether that is learning something new or booking a vacation.

Have better marketing strategies to reach more clients.

To travel to the destinations I sell. For research purposes only, of course!

Book more site tours and add-on experiences to vacation packages.

Grow my business and increase the number of clients I have.

Make more than 250K in sales like last year!

Sell, sell and sell! And help those who seek to explore the world, travel!

To grow my team and hire new agents to help out this year.

Become a top travel agent and learn more by getting as many certifications as possible.

Start sending Thank You notes to add a personal touch with each client I work with.

Expand my social media presence and learn about advertising opportunities.

Stay positive, and happiness – we sell travel; there is nothing better!

To provide stellar customer service and ensure all my customers are happy and have their dream vacation.

To step out of my comfort zone and sell destinations that I have never booked before.

Book a half million in sales this year!

Attend more VAX webinars to learn about different suppliers and VAX itself.

To book more all-inclusive trips and cruises.

Organize my agency and maintain a better workflow.

To cater travel options for my local community.

To get better at closing sales and attracting more clients!

To become more educated and never miss an event I am qualified for.

VAX agents are prepping for a successful 2018. Whether you are making a few resolutions of your own or found some inspiration here, start the year off by setting a few goals to make it your best one yet!

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