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Using Facebook to Build Your Destination Wedding Business

Attending wedding shows and relying on word-of-mouth are tried-and-true tactics for building your destination wedding business, but don’t be afraid to take your engagement efforts up a notch. Use your agency’s Facebook business page to reach and target newly engaged people – it’s easier than you think!

4 Quick Steps

Boosting posts on Facebook allows you to target people based on specific criteria, and it only takes four simple steps.

  1. Once you’ve written your post for your Facebook business page, click Boost Post.

    Boost Facebook Post

  2. Then in the Boost Post window in the Audience section, click Edit.

    Edit Audience for a Boosted Facebook Post

  3. This brings you to the Edit Audience window. In the Detailed Targeting section type in Newly engaged, engagement, and any other criteria you wish your targeted audience to have. If you want to stick to engaged couples in your area, enter that in the Locations section just above. Then click Save.

    Targeting Newly Engaged Audience in a Facebook Post

  4. Then choose your budget and duration of your boosted post. Facebook will give you an estimate of how many people you’ll reach each day with your parameters. Then click Set Budget and either publish your post now or schedule it for later.

What to Actually Post

We may have put the cart before the horse, because before you boost a post, you need to have something to post. Do you have photos from a previous destination wedding you’ve planned? If you have permission from those clients, that would make a really engaging Facebook post. Don’t go crazy though – use only one or two of their best pics.

Does your agency have a wedding brochure in a PDF format you could post? Or, better yet, do you have a page on your website dedicated to weddings? Post it. Even better yet, have you published an article online about your experience planning destination weddings? Share that! All of these things can be posted on Facebook and boosted.

If you don’t have any of those things, VAX has some destination wedding e-postcards for you to use. They’re generic and won’t be branded to you, but they’ll at least get you started.

Don’t Forget the #hashtags

Hashtags make it easy for people to find posts on a topic by creating clickable links in your posts. By including keywords with the # symbol in front of it, your post will show up when Facebook users either search for that keyword or click on the hashtag somewhere else. The obvious one for you to use here is #destinationwedding. If you specialize in specific destinations, use #marriedinvegas, #marriedinmexico or #marriedinitaly.

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