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Voyage Well and Do Business Brilliantly with Virgin Voyages

Just like you, everyone at Virgin Voyages is craving those quiet, sun-on-our-face moments spent out at sea, and we truly can’t wait to be sailing together soon. But given everything going on in the world, you may be wondering when it’ll be the right time to pack your bags and start traveling again. That’s understandable, and we get that.

While we wait for that glorious time, let’s take a minute to get to know each other a little better. You are our First Mates, after all.

Voyage Well: A new wave of health measures before we set sail

For the last few months, we’ve been hard at work creating a way for you to explore the world while feeling more relaxed and free. We got into sea travel with the goal of redefining it, so even though the circumstances have changed, we’re committed to innovating and creating an even safer sailing experience.

Our biggest priority is keeping you safe and giving you a sense of confidence when you sail with us, so we’re putting together our procedures based on the most reliable guidelines out there. Here are a few (but not all) of the things we’re doing:

  • Following recommended CDC guidelines, we’re working closely with the Voyage Well Expert Advisory Group in order to inform and update our processes and procedures in real-time. 
  • Implementing additional and frequent pre-boarding health checks and screenings for both our Crew and Sailors.
  • Adopting the use of advanced cleaning tools like fogging and UV technology.
  • Incorporating the latest hygiene initiatives specifically for COVID-19.
  • Utilizing our partnership with Ecolab, identifying specific high touch points across cabins, public spaces, restaurants, and recreational areas that will be disinfected on a frequent basis.
  • Installing the latest technology from AtmosAir Solutions — an air purification system that disinfects air on board.

Get even more info on our Voyage Well measures here.

Why Virgin Voyages is Brilliant To Do Business With

You know, we love to talk the talk about how we’re making an ‘Epic Sea Change For All’ in the cruise industry and walking the walk means having you, our First Mates, by our side. 

As we approach our inaugural season, it’s super important to us that you know how much we value you. That’s why we have improved all of our offerings in order to be even more Brilliant To Do Business With. After all, if you do well then we do well, and we’re going to make that happen by offering a compelling commission, showcasing our extraordinary experience, respecting your client relationships once and for always, and sharing inside intel to #RaiseYourSales. Want to know more? Let’s break it down.

Compelling commission
Our commitment to delivering an extraordinary experience begins with you, and that means putting our money where our mouth is by raising our commission for First Mates to a number set to boost your bottom line: 16%!

You’ll also earn 10% commission on everything sold before your Sailor sails, with the exception of taxes and fees. And guess what – no NCFs!

Extraordinary experience
Our Voyage Well plan for onboard health and safety is just one part of our extraordinary experience. We’re really proud of our On Us value proposition, which means we’re all in on making sure what’s important to our Sailors is included, like dining at all 20+ eateries, group fitness classes, unlimited WiFi, basic bevvies and even tips for our crew. Over $600 in value per person is on us, creating  a better experience for your clients, with no surprise bills for gratuities at the end of their voyage.

Respect and integrity
When your Sailors are on board with us, we don’t forget who got them there. If they book a future voyage while still at sea, you will be a part of it; bookings made during a sailing still register in your First Mates account. Your client is always your client.

Once and for always, we honor your client relationships.

Inside intel
We need you by our side, so we are committed to providing you with educational opportunities, marketing materials, and getting you aboard our ships so you can get the first-hand experience you need in order to share Virgin Voyages with your clients and #RaiseYourSales. 

Setting sail the Virgin Way is all about taking the best of cruising and complementing it with a touch of Virgin’s unparalleled customer experience, as well as the best of land-based hospitality and design. We want to make sure you have every opportunity to get to experience the product, and we’ll keep you in the know and on the list for exclusive events and opportunities.

We want to thank you for the continued support and love we’ve received from you all. We’re so excited to meet you and get out on the open ocean with you soon, and when it’s time, we know we’ll appreciate it more than ever.

Let’s make ship happen – become a First Mate today.

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