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Watch Your Business Soar With These 3 Simple Steps!

It’s safe to assume that as small business owners, our common goal is to grow and succeed our travel agencies. (And if it isn’t, you may be in the wrong line of work.) It’s easy to get comfortable as your commission checks come in at a steadier pace and you’ve established a core group of loyal clients. However, to evolve as a business owner, you have to use your existing momentum to scale your business!

If that seems overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be that way! I’m sharing three simple hacks to scaling your business that I’ve seen work for other successful travel advisors. Implement these and you’ll be on the fast track to meeting your desired level of success. Let’s get started!

Adding Associate Agents

Increase your network and reach by incorporating associate agents into your business structure. Agency owners that contract associate agents under them is a growing trend within the industry. In fact, most host agencies already support this model. The associate business model is a great way to help you build your business beyond booking travel!

Not familiar with the associate agent model? Essentially, they’re agents that work under you. Every agency owner expects something different from their associate agent. Perhaps they’re an extension of your business or they’re starting their own agency and you’re training them. If you do go this route, I highly suggest a contract be drafted and signed beforehand. For those that belong to ASTA, you can find an independent contractor template in their Resource section of their site.

Hiring Help

We’re definitely preaching to the choir when we say there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. Especially for the mundane day-to-day necessities of running a business (or soon to be empire). However, as a growing business, it’s imperative that you keep the administrative parts of your business in order. Instead of burning yourself out or neglecting them, hire someone to help you like an admin or assistant. An assistant can also focus on:

  • Qualifying any new clients or referrals
  • Researching destinations, hotels, or activities that current clients are requesting
  • Manage your bookkeeping

Thanks to the Internet, it’s extremely easy to find someone that can help you in person or remotely. This makes it much easier to devote your time to what you do best - selling!

Supplier Takeover

Sometimes, the best way to scale your business is to let someone else take over the selling. Take Onboard Sales. Most cruise lines have a desk where clients can book their next trip while onboard, with an added amenity or discount. The best part is that you’re still in charge of this new booking and get the commission! It’s a very valuable feature you should share with your clients.

If you’re looking for options before the sale is officially closed, look into hosting a “cruise night” or destination pitch presented by the supplier. No one can sell a guided vacation to Italy or a 7-night Hawaii cruise like the people offering the products in the first place. Reach out to your local supplier rep with your ideas and they’ll be more than happy to help.

“This is [also] great option for agents that don’t feel comfortable promoting a particular destination, product or brand,” said Marisabel Marty, Business Development Manager for Travel Planners International.

We guarantee it – the moment you start to implement these three tactics, you’ll see your business reach newer heights! Have other tips on how to scale your business? Share it by commenting below.

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Michelle Ferrand is a Copywriter at Travel Planners International, a leading marketing and sales support office for small business travel agency owners. As the resident "voice" of TPI, Michelle transforms bland marketing speak into captivating messaging that empowers travel advisors to harness their entrepreneurial spirit. After work, you can find Michelle at an overpriced coffee shop, at her local improv 2 class or fantasizing about her next adventure (Thailand 2021).

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