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What Agents Need to Know About AMResorts

As a travel agent, part of your responsibility is to stay in-the-know about suppliers – what they sell, where they are located and what their brand is all about. Part of our job at VAX is to help you know. And even though AMResorts has been available through other tour operators, they’re now bookable through Funjet Vacations, United Vacations and Southwest Vacations on VAX. We thought it was important to give you more background on this collection of hotels so we sat down with Erica Doyne, vice president of marketing for AMResorts, to learn more and we have to say, we are pretty eager to fill you in. All of the suppliers we work with offer something different and unique, which makes AMResorts an exciting addition.

Now you’re probably wondering, what is it exactly that you need to know? According to Doyne, it’s important for agents to know that each of the six brands is “designed for a different customer segment and a different target audience.” Maybe you have clients who want a tropical honeymoon, or clients with children, or maybe you even have a client who’s hoping to propose to his significant other on the trip (spoiler: check out Secrets Resorts & Spas).  With each brand offering something specific, it’s necessary to understand the differences so that you can book packages for the right clients. That being said, here’s a rundown of AMResorts’ six brands.

Zoetry Wellness & Spa Resorts

Zoetry Wellness & Spa Resorts “embody the highest level of luxury,” says Doyne. Think intimate and lavish vacations in picturesque locations like the Riviera Maya, Cancun, Punta Cana and Montego Bay. Zoetry offers what AMResorts calls “Endless Privileges,” which naturally evokes a feeling of indulgence. Clients can expect to receive a daily bottle of sparkling wine and a fresh fruit basket, 24-hour private in-room dining and complimentary wellness and fitness consultations, among many other luxuries. But keep in mind, Zoetry is “adults-oriented.” According to Doyne, resorts “do allow children but it’s specifically designed for adults.” This means that there’s no child pricing or facilities, so if you’ve got clients with children, this might not be the best pick for them.

Who’s the perfect client? Zoetry is great for couples, spa getaways, honeymooners, anniversaries and small, intimate weddings.

Secrets Resorts & Spas

Three words come to mind when we think of Secrets: romance, romance, romance. Unlike Zoetry, Secrets is “adults only,” says Doyne. These resorts, which are located throughout Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, offer “Unlimited Luxury.” Your clients can expect to receive limitless drinks, pool and beach wait service and their pick of day and evening activities. But when asked if these resorts are referred to as “all-inclusive,” Doyne shared that they are not. Instead, she says, “We actually offer a step above and bring all-inclusive to a new level of luxury.” So it sounds like the secret to Secrets is all about how visitors feel during their stay, and hopefully they will feel luxurious. And if our spoiler didn’t give it away, Secrets offers a “Pop the Question” curated package, specifically for engagements. Cue the champagne.

Who’s the perfect client? Secrets is ideal for couples, honeymooners, engagements and adults-only weddings.

Breathless Resorts & Spas

Breathless Resorts & Spas. Just reading that makes you want to take a deep breath in and relax (which would be so much easier to do if we weren’t in front of a computer screen, right?). These resorts, which are located in Punta Cana, Cabo San Lucas, Riviera Cancun and Montego Bay, are also adults only and offer “Unlimited Luxury,” but have a different emphasis than the previous two brands. According to Doyne, Breathless is all about being social and meeting new people. She says, “All of the restaurants have big communal tables that seat 20. People can just sit with other people to mix and mingle and make new friends.”

Who’s the perfect client? Breathless is best for bachelor or bachelorette parties, couples and friends, and the solo traveler. 

Dreams Resorts & Spas

Dreams Resorts & Spas was “born off the concept of Secrets,” says Doyne, adding that “we quickly realized we want to offer the same product to the client allowing children.” So with Dreams Resorts, located throughout Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Panama, clients still get “Unlimited Luxury,” but they can also bring the kids. To ensure that parents are able to enjoy some quality R&R, Dreams has the Explorer’s Club. Kids between the ages of three and 12 can hang out there and stay active when your clients need a little break. And if your clients are worried about leaving their kids, tell them not to worry. Doyne says, “We offer the parents pagers so that the children can contact them anytime they need to.” What a relief (sort of, *wink*!).

Who’s the perfect client? Dreams is an excellent choice for family vacations and destination weddings.

Now Resorts & Spas

Now Resorts & Spas cater to “multigenerational travel,” says Doyne. While other resorts accommodate to adults or only have entertainment programs for younger children, Now, with resorts in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, has an all-encompassing approach. Here, not only is there “Unlimited Luxury” and the Explorer’s Club, there is also a Core Zone Teens Club for teens between the ages of 13 and 17. Doyne states that they “offer a lot of supervised activities for that teen to tween age.” For example, teens could head to a bonfire or a disco mixer at night while the adults enjoy time together. Talk about a good way to make the whole crew happy.

Who’s the perfect client? Now is perfect for family reunions, social groups, parents with children of all ages, and destination weddings.

Sunscape Resorts & Spas

Sunscape Resorts & Spas are located in unique locations like Ixtapa and Curaçao, yet they still cater to the family vacation – which makes them pretty cool options if you have clients with children. And Doyne says, “Our four-star brand offers more of an affordable family vacation.” So not only are the kids still invited, but the price point might be a bit easier on the wallet. Another difference you can point out to clients is that Sunscape offers “Unlimited Fun,” which includes amenities such as the Explorer’s Club; unlimited fruit juices, soft drinks and snacks; endless land and water activities for kids; and live music and entertainment.

Who’s the perfect client? Sunscape is ideal for family getaways and budget-friendly weddings.

So now that we’ve given you the details about AMResorts’ six brands, you might be wondering how they fit in to our philosophy of creating an end-to-end experience. To answer this question, Doyne states that “our goal is to offer something for every stage in life – from the single years through a growing family, all the way through retirement. So we kind of take you on a life cycle.” It’s encouraging to know that AMResorts will offer you more options and more opportunity to create the ideal, end-to-end experience for your clients.

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