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What You Should Know About Your Smart Bag

Smart bags may seem like the best invention for someone who travels. They have all sorts of built-in bells and whistles: devices that weigh the bag for you, track the bag’s location, charge your smartphone or even remotely lock the bag if it gets lost. Sounds amazing, right? Well, maybe not.

Many major airlines stated that starting on January 15, 2018, they won’t accept smart bags in checked luggage if the lithium-ion batteries cannot be removed. There’s a growing concern among airlines that lithium batteries can potentially overheat and ignite a fire in the cargo area. If the battery can be removed, passengers can carry them onto the plane with them. So who’s making this move and restricting smart bags with lithium-ion batteries?

If you have any doubt as to the policy is for the airline your clients are flying, be sure to check their website before your clients travel. You’d hate for them to have to ditch their luggage or buy a super expensive suitcase at the airport before their trip.

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Feb. 16, 2018
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