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Why Agents Love VAX and Why VAX Loves Agents!

February is the month of love, with Valentine’s Day right there in the middle of the month. With these feelings of love in the air, we’re sharing some things agents love about VAX and some things VAX loves about agents. Spread it ‘round!

"I love using VAX plus, of all booking engines, VAX is the most comprehensive, user-friendly of them all. I love that I can create an email itinerary to include all aspects of my client's travel and that my clients can click on each item to read details. VAX is always asking for travel agent feedback to enhance our booking experience and those enhancements are actually made...and in a timely manner! Nothing is better than VAX!!!"
– Kathy K., Kuglitsch Travel - Wisconsin

"As a newer agent, VAX has been invaluable to me. Not only is the website easy to navigate, it also provides me with current industry information and educational opportunities. Having this resource at my disposal helps me provide my clients with the best possible service and allows them to experience great trips and destinations!"
– Nancy S., Lincoln Travel - Illinois

"VAX is a great resource for travel professionals! I love that they actually listen to what suppliers and travel agents input in order to improve the workflow and options available to them. It makes my job easier, thank you!"
– Stephanie C., Cool's Cruises and Travel - Nebraska

The VAX team wants to give some love back to agents! Because without the feedback and input from our users, who knows what VAX would be. Here’s what some members of the VAX team love about you. We’ll start with BDM Beth, as she has a great list of reasons!

“I love travel agents because:

  • They are eager to learn
  • They LOVE to share their feedback
  • They LOVE to show their LOVE for VAX
  • I learn so much about how we can grow VAX from them
  • They know how to have FUN!
  • They make my job one of the best jobs ever by being eager to learn, willing to share, happy to have fun and continuing to grow the industry!”

– BDM Beth

“I love travel agents because of the passion they bring to our industry. It starts with their customer’s dream and the agent’s passion brings it to life, which creates great memories, jobs for so many people around the world and keeps the cycle going. I’ve never met an agent who isn’t passionate about ensuring their customers have amazing experiences. This passion lights a fire to keep us all energized!”
– Sarah, senior product manager

“I am thankful for the agents who make a difference in the lives of our mutual customers each and every day, connecting people to people, cultures to cultures, and creating a greater understanding of travelers’ impact on the world.”
– Luke, director

“What’s not to love about agents? They’re driven, passionate businesspeople who care so much about their clients, it’s really incredible. Plus they’re fun and have the BEST stories!”
– Andrea, managing editor of The Compass

“I love agents because I admire the hard work and dedication they put in to making clients’ vacations truly a dream come true. I feel as though I am constantly learning new things from agent engagement which is an awesome thing – we are here to help you and you are here to help us!”
– Jordyn, engagement coordinator

What do you love about VAX, travel agents or the travel industry? Tell us in the comments below!

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