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Why Guided Tours are Perfect for Empty Nesters

Many of you probably have clients whose kids are finally out of the house. This means they no longer have to do things like clean up dirty clothes from the floor, wipe toothpaste from the sink or wash dishes that aren’t theirs. They are “empty nesters.” As the amount of empty nesters continues to rise, travel agents should consider how to best help these clients plan for their dream vacations. With more time on their hands (and not in the sink), they can take longer trips and are increasingly interested in traveling abroad.

According to The Daily News, a newspaper out of Michigan, empty nesters are perfect clients for guided tours because they are eager to get active and try new things, like hiking volcanos, kayaking or taking surf lessons. Guided tours can give your clients authentic experiences that they may not have been able to achieve on their own, especially if they are new to traveling abroad. Some popular destinations for empty nest travel include Europe, Australia and Hawaii. And, as with any vacation, it’s important to plan and book in advance so that your clients can have the best vacation possible – because, as the saying goes, life doesn’t begin when the kids are born; it begins when they leave the nest.

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