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Why Wait? Do It All on VAX

I hope you are enjoying the start of summer—likely quite a different summer than you'd planned, but still, one with perhaps new ways to enjoy it. But one thing I hope you do not have to do this season is listen to our hold music!

While we have taken several internal measures to improve our service levels, we are still experiencing a very high call volume and long average handling times. To help serve you better and faster, we have also ramped up resources available on VAX VacationAccess and through the ALGV Advisor Update online hub, all of which answers the most frequently asked questions coming through our lines.

Here are some of the most common requests we're getting, and the fast facts that answer them:

Can the call center expedite my resolution?
Unfortunately, as much as they would like to, they cannot. Calculations, refunds, transfers, etc. are handled by different teams and in the order in which the original request was received in the interest of serving all customers equally and fairly and preventing further ripple effect delays.

What date are you up to for refund request submissions?
This is displayed right on the homepage on the top right corner of the ALGV Advisor Update page and updated as we progress.

What is the value of my credit or refund?
If we have not reached out to you yet, we have not calculated it yet due to a backlog of inquiries that preceded yours. We appreciate your patience and will be in touch ASAP.

How does Rebook Now. Recharge Later. work?
Please visit for all the details, including a series of illustrated infographics that walks you through eligibility, how the 25% bonus Future Travel Credit is calculated, how it can be used, and how you can redeem this offer.

Can I make bookings using Future Travel Credit on VAX?
Absolutely Our Travel Agent Self-Help Guide and Rebook Now. Recharge Later. infographics can help you through the steps if you need illustration, too!

I need to cancel/change/modify my booking. How do I do so?
All of these actions are possible on our booking engine in VAX, and our Travel Agent Self-Help Guide offers both step-by-step instructions as well as video demos of each screen to help walk you through the process.

What are your brand and vendor change and cancel fees and policies?
To better support your business, ALGV is proud to waive one-time brand change fees for bookings made through 6/30/20. All other policies and fees are listed by suppliers and categories on our ALGV Advisor Update page as well.

What destinations are open? Or when are they opening?
We release information as soon as we have it, and keep our destination reference grid updated daily. You can access it here.

For any other questions, we have an easily navigable, downloadable FAQ PDF available on the ALGV Advisor Update page that addresses all of our most recent FAQs pertaining to processes, policies, bookings, exceptions, and more.

We are working hard to reduce your time on hold, whether it's by getting through the backlog as quickly as we can or providing alternate paths to get to the solutions you need. I hope this quick overview helps save you time as we get SET to move into recovery. Take care, and thank you for your patience and support.


Jacki Marks
Executive Vice President, Trade Brands
Apple Leisure Group® Vacations 

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