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Winter is Here: 5 Iconic Game of Thrones Filming Locations

The Seven Kingdoms may be fictional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate your favorite Game of Thrones moments at filming locations throughout the world. Whether you’re Team Stark or Team Targaryan you’re sure to love these ancient castles, medieval towns and dramatic landscapes.

1. King’s Landing – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Channel your inner lion with a visit to King’s Landing IRL, the old town of Dubrovnik, Croatia. It was here that antihero Cersei, billionaire-brat Joffrey and the rest of House Lannister ruled supreme for the show’s eight seasons. Tresteno Arboretum, the location used to film scenes in the Red Keep’s garden, is the perfect spot to gossip like a Tyrell on a sunny afternoon. Looking to recreate some of the best Lannister showdowns? Fort Lovrijenaclt was used for shots of the Red Keep including the tournament thrown in honor of Joffrey’s name day. Of course a visit to Kings Landing wouldn’t be complete without The Jesuit Stairs on St. Dominka Street, the very steps where Cersei’s infamous walk of shame took place.

2. Winterfell – Castle Ward, County Down, Northern Ireland

Direwolves, Starks and of course, Jon Snow, the fictional town of Winterfell is on every GoT super fan’s bucket list. Filmed in Northern Ireland’s County Down, travelers will be happy to find that the real castle depicted as Winterfell, Castle Ward, enjoys a much milder climate than depicted on the show. The area is currently enjoying a pop-culture-funded tourist boom as fans flock to the area for GoT-related tours. One notable attraction is Winterfell Tours where travelers can try their hand at archery and tomahawk throwing, explore filming locations via cycle on a “Westeros Cruiser” bike and hang with direwolves Summer and Grey Wind who were in the actual show.

3. Highgarden – Castillo de Almodovar, Andalusia, Spain

The medieval Castillo de Almodovar acted as Highgarden, the territory ruled by House Tyrell. Today the castle has embraced its part in GOT greatness offering visitors an immersive tour that covers all things Highgarden. Travelers can admire intricate costumes and props, enjoy beautiful architecture and soak up the stunning views from atop the steep hill where this majestic castle sits.

4. Yunkai – Ait Ben Haddou, Morocco

This UNESCO World Heritage site acted as Yunkai, the slave-trading city where Daenerys Targaryan became the Breaker of Chains. Made entirely out of clay, Morocco’s Ait Ben Haddou is located between Marrakech and the Sahara desert on an old trade route. Envision yourself as the Mother of Dragons herself with a self-guided walking tour through this ancient city. The area takes around two hours to explore and don’t forget your water as it gets quite hot as the day goes on.

5. Casterly Rock – The Castle of Trujillo, Spain

Hardcore fans can spend the night at none other than the ancestral stronghold of House Lannister, Casterly Rock. That’s right – Spain’s Castle of Trujillo has three restored villas near the castle and one property in the area’s main square. Travelers who aren’t interested in lodging but still want the GoT experience can opt for a Trujillo Castle tour for the perfect mix of history, culture and nerdiness.

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